Friday, January 27, 2017

Saddest story in four words

She ignored his tears.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


A fat man on a pricey bike
 Stops nearby--- to feed a brown cow
Near a busy curb, while other motorists swerve
Around the idling figures,
And the lolling cow nods her big brown head
To his reverential touch;
Another slim woman in a Punjabi dress
Enters, once the man exits in a jiffy,
Offers a pale-yellow banana to the placid bovine,
Touches her forehead and is gone
Random acts of kindness and empathy,
In an Indian metro known for cruelty

For its hapless strays and homeless alike.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Figures in the sky

In the in-between sky,
A rain just gone and a rain
About to arrive,
 Tinged with hues electrifying,
Some dark-light and some light-gloomy;
Swollen clouds, dusty and grey
Alternating with gossamer white/pale-white;
Like a swarm of kids unleashed,
Enjoying the heavenly drops,
On the broken footpaths,
 Outside their leaking hovels,
These ethereal figures dance and gallop,
At the edge of a muddy ocean and jutting
Shadowy islands in the immensity above,
Created and then left hurriedly there by
The angry monsoon that reluctantly has
Finally reached Mumbai and nearby.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Solitary flower on a bare branch
Of a skeletal tree, in a vale brown,
In early summer, looking back at the
Golden autumn, retreating hurriedly.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


You are now,
Like the shy
 Monsoon clouds
Evading for days
 Mumbai’s famous
Masculine skyline,
Jagged and soaring high,
Stretching wide into
Dimness white
In a long-long sky;
The ballooning clouds dark
And floating so light;
Scattered everywhere,
Yet, cruelly,
Not there
For eager

Hopeful hearts.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A late message: Mother's Day

Mere words will not help,
Real change/deed required,
Mothers being abused, ignored, forgotten
Across a monetized world,
And conveniently
Dispatched to old people's homes,
When they needed families the most
In the sunset of their lives;
Sadly they get completely erased from minds,
A fading picture in an old album in a dusty pile,
Being erased and sent to oblivion
By their own, the ones nourished in caring wombs!
A line or emoticon will not
Help remove the deep scars,
Perhaps, a long-delayed visit to her
Costly home peopled by memories grey
A loving call to an aging heart
Will sure revive a smile on a furrowed face,
Lighting up eyes that see but dimly,
The splendors of a lovely spring outside,
A closed window of a cubicle shared by one more
Doddering inmate in a flowery gown,
Go and hug that solitary woman,
Surviving on pills, prayers and occasional chats,
The frail person that always
 Stood by you in happiness and pain,
And guarded you against odds and bullies
Like a roaring lioness.
 A Real Happy Mother's Day to all!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bring back our girls---and a country

Out of the depths of darkness came sinister forces
Of pure evil
And took away innocence in the budding form
Of young teen girls from a government-run school
In Chibok, Nigeria, on April 14,
The 276 girls brazenly abducted by the Boko Haram gunmen
In retaliation---they do not want them to be educated and independent,
all in the name of their version of Islam and this ambush, a warning for others---
The hapless girls are still missing…like many others in that lawless country,
And most likely to be sold as slaves on the market as per their leader Abubakar;
The world so far has not cared for these children,
As strongly as it should have done, simply because
They come from an impoverished nation, dark and distant,
In an unstable region known for endemic violence;
Why should the ruling elites care for the Other?
The disappeared ones, after all,
Are black, poor and girls, and
Not from a rich and mighty Western nation, their own;
The social outcry on social media forcing now a slow re-think
Among the international governments that regularly talk of human rights and their violations in various hot spots in despotic parts other than their own courtyards,
The great democratic leaders that can make a difference
Have not yet
Hardly talked in a single voice of anger and moral outrage;
Then, in such a bleak scenario of grim helplessness,
Let us rise,
You and I,
As We,
The disenfranchised netizens,
The remaining 99 percents of the world,
Against any kind of oppression and exploitation,
We are the new army of the
Literate and hard-working professionals,
Let us raise our voice in anger,
For our trapped young sisters and daughters, now in another jungle,
The emerging solidarity should now grow into a global protest/chorus persistent,
Against this ruthless kidnapping and global human trafficking of girls and children.
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